Valorant Tier List: Ranking the Best Agents in Patch 7.05

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Images via Riot Games
Valorant Tier 7.05 tier list
Images via Riot Games

Discover which agents reign supreme in the current Valorant meta with this tier list for Episode 7 Act 2 Patch 7.05.

Valorant Tier List: Ranking the Best Agents in Patch 7.05

With Valorant’s latest patch 7.05 underway, players are always looking to stick to the most powerful Agents to improve their chances of winning matches.

In the table below, we’ve categorized all the Agents in Valorant based on their strength after the patch 7.05 update. Agents in the S tier are considered the strongest, while those in the D tier are at the lower end of the spectrum.

Tier Agents
S Killjoy, Raze, Skye, Viper
A Fade, Jett, Omen, Sova
B Astra, Brimstone, Breach, Chamber, Cypher, Gekko, Harbor
C KAY/O, Neon, Reyna, Sage, Yoru
D Deadlock, Phoenix

S Tier

Valorant Tier 7.05 tier list
Images via Riot Games

At peak Sentinel strength, Killjoy holds multiple angles and plays flexibly. Alarmbot and Nanoswarm punish enemies within their fields, while Lockdown ult cements control.


As Valorant’s premier Duelist, Raze controls any situation with aggression. Her Boom Bot surveys foes as Paint Shells damage multiple targets. Blast Pack aerial movements clear sites quickly.


A must-pick Initiator, Skye shines with supportive utility. Guiding Light flashes blind opponents as her heal brings allies back up. Recon Bolts scout and clear areas while her Seekers ult gathers perfect intel.


The best Controller denies space like no other. Toxic Clouds and blocking Screens chip enemies who dare push. Snake Bites damage over time while Viper’s Pit ult dominates objectives outright.

A Tier

Despite nerfs, Jett’s unique mobility from her Dash and Updraft ability allow her to quickly take space and play aggressively as a Duelist. Her Cloudburst smokes also provide good vision cuts.


As one of the most consistent Initiators since launch, Sova’s Recon Bolts and Shock Darts supply valuable Intel when lineups are learned. He fits well into most team comps and maps.

Images via Riot Games

Receiving numerous buffs and nerfs, Omen stands out as a flexible Controller with recharging smokes and a combat-focused kit. His blinding Paranoia and map-wide teleport ultimate add to his value.


While two of her best maps were removed, Fade remains popular for Intel gathering with Haunt and Prowler. Her debuffing abilities and scary Terror Trail ultimate also give her an edge.

C Tier


The sentinel saw high pick rates on release thanks to his ability to output damage independently. His Trademark, Headhunter, and ultimate sniper still hold sites well.


With buffs making her hear normally while in astral form, Astra is a strong option for coordinated teams willing to learn her complex star system.


A launch agent, Cypher excels at stalling pushes and flanks using Trapwires, Cyber Cages, and his Spycam Intel tool.


The new initiator has an interesting kit for planting/defusing and blinding, but his abilities are easily destroyed, limiting his potential.

Images via Riot Games

His offensive molly and ult pack high damage, and Stim Beacon provides bonuses to teammates. But his non-recharging smokes keep him from the top.


An aggressive initiator, Breach can take control of areas with his flashes and stun abilities. His ultimate Rolling Thunder is powerful when coordinated.


Best on maps like Haven, Harbor denies vision for teammates to aggress safely. Her Reckoning ultimate empowers full site takes.

C Tier

Yoru, Neon, Sage, Reyna, and KAY/O reside in the C-tier. These Agents can be effective in certain situations but demand mastery of their utility kits to perform well. Some have faced multiple nerfs, while others have struggled since their release. Picking these Agents may not be ideal in the current meta.

D Tier

Deadlock is the latest addition to the Sentinel roster, yet Killjoy and Cypher remain the preferred choices. Phoenix, despite buffs, lags behind Duelists like Raze and Jett.

In the ever-evolving world of Valorant, staying updated with the Agent tier list is crucial for competitive success. These top-tier Agents in patch 7.05 can significantly impact your team’s performance and help you secure those essential victories. Keep an eye on future updates from Riot Games, as the Agent meta continues to shift and evolve in this dynamic and thrilling game.