Valorant Run It Back EP7 Bundle: Release Date, Skins & Price

Valorant Run It Back EP7
Image via @ValorLeaks

The clock is ticking on Episode 7 of Valorant, and soon you’ll have one last chance to snag some of the hottest skins you might have missed throughout 2023. That’s right, the Valorant Run It Back Bundle is making its way to the game.

Valorant Run It Back EP7 Bundle Release Date

The Run It Back Bundle is expected to arrive sometime during Episode 7 Act 3, which is currently underway. With the current battle pass ending on either January 9th or 10th, 2024, the bundle will likely release around this time, replacing the Overdrive Bundle in the store.


While the bundle won’t feature any brand new skins, it still packs a punch with a diverse selection from different collections. Based on leaks from reputable sources like ValorLeaks, here’s what you can expect:

  • Magepunk Phantom
  • Gaia’s Vengenance Shorty
  • Oni Vandal
  • Black Market Classic

Each of these skins will come with a Radianite Point upgrade option, allowing you to personalize them further. This could include different color variants, exciting visual effects, and even unique finishers that play when you eliminate the final enemy of a round.


Going by the pattern of previous Run It Back bundles, this one is likely to be classified as a Premium Tier bundle, similarly priced to the last two iterations which cost 5,950 VALORANT Points. There’s a slight chance it might be priced slightly lower, considering it has one less weapon included.

Please remember that all information presented here is based on leaks and subject to change. While the core details are unlikely to deviate significantly, minor adjustments may occur before the official release.

Stay tuned for further updates and official announcements from Riot Games regarding the Valorant Run It Back EP 7 bundle!