Valorant Patch 9.00: Release Date & Early Patch Notes, Agent Changes & Abyss Arrives

The competitive scene is set for a significant shakeup with the arrival of Valorant Patch 9.00 and Episode 9 Act 1. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know:

Valorant Patch 9.00 Early Patch Notes

Agent Adjustments: Iso Gets Dialed Back

While the full patch notes arrive on launch day, we have a sneak peek at some confirmed agent changes. The focus is on Iso, the electrifying Chinese Duelist. After receiving significant buffs in Patch 8.11, the developers acknowledged he might be a little too powerful. To address this, they’re planning a major adjustment to his signature ability, [E] Double Tap.

Here’s what Iso players can expect:

  • Double Tap will no longer reset after every double kill.
  • The shield duration granted by Double Tap will be reduced from 20 seconds to 12 seconds.
Valorant Patch 9.00
Image via Riot Games

It’s important to note that these Iso changes will not be available on consoles until Patch 9.01. Console players will also receive a fix for the Neon slide bug in that same update.

Console Ranked Mode Makes its Debut!

Patch 9.00 marks the arrival of the long-awaited ranked mode. Now, you can embark on your competitive journey and climb the ranks, aiming for the coveted Immortal tier.

New Map in the Competitive Pool

Patch 9.00 brings a map rotation update for both PC and console players. Here’s what’s in store:

  • PC players: Brace yourselves for the arrival of Abyss in the Competitive, Deathmatch, and Premier map pools. This underwater metropolis adds a fresh tactical layer to the game.
  • Console players: Get ready to explore Sunset in the limited-beta map pool. This vibrant desert landscape offers unique opportunities for strategic play.

Release Date and Maintenance

Patch 9.00 and Episode 9 Act 1 are scheduled to launch on Tuesday, June 25th, for North American, LATAM, and Brazilian servers. However, due to time zone differences, European players will experience the update on Wednesday, June 26th.

Before you jump into the action, prepare for a four-hour maintenance period. Here’s a breakdown of the downtime for different regions:

  • North America, LATAM, and Brazil: Servers go down at 6:00 AM PT and return at 10:00 AM PT.
  • Europe: Servers go down at 4:00 AM BST on June 26th and return at 8:00 AM BST on the same day.

This update promises to be a game-changer for Valorant, especially with the introduction of ranked mode on consoles. Stay tuned for the full patch notes on launch day, and get ready to experience a revamped competitive scene in Valorant Episode 9 Act 1!