Valorant Next Bundle Kuronami: Release Date, Vandal, Chained Kunai & Pricing

Get ready, Valorant agents, because another skin bundle is heading your way! The Kuronami Bundle has recently surfaced in leaks, and while details are still sparse, here’s what we know about its release date, skins, and potential pricing.

Valorant Kuronami Bundle Release Date

VALORANT is usually updated on Tuesdays, so you should see the bundle in your shop when it resets on January 9.


Leaked intel from @valohabercisi on X points towards a weapon lineup that’s sure to pique the interest of both casual and competitive players:

  • Melee: The melee skin is a real standout, resembling Scorpion’s chains from Mortal Kombat. It’s unique and eye-catching, even if its functionality remains Mortal Kombat-exclusive.
  • Vandal:┬áThe Vandal, a weapon synonymous with dominance in Valorant, gets a makeover in the Kuronami collection. While comparisons to the Reaver Vandal are inevitable, the Kuronami Vandal offers a distinct “Reaver at home” vibe, with a focus on solidity rather than dazzling aesthetics.
  • Sheriff: The Sheriff, another popular choice for precise eliminations, joins the Kuronami party. Details are still scarce, but we can expect a skin that matches the overall theme of the collection.
Image via @ValorantUpdated

Leaks also reveal that the Kuronami skins will come in four distinct color options: White, Black, Purple, and Green. This variety caters to diverse preferences, allowing players to choose their ideal aesthetic match.


Based on the leaked visuals, the Kuronami collection appears to be a Premium Edition offering. This means players can expect a price tag of 8700 VP for the entire bundle, including the coveted chain blade melee. Individual weapon purchases are also likely, with each skin costing around 1775 VP and the melee alone fetching a cool 3550 VP.

While details are still emerging, the Kuronami bundle has already sparked excitement within the Valorant community. Keep your eyes peeled for further leaks and official announcements from Riot Games. Who knows, maybe the Kuronami collection will hold even more surprises, like stunning animations, unique kill sounds, or hidden Easter eggs. One thing’s certain: Valorant’s arsenal is about to get a whole lot cooler, and Kuronami is leading the charge.