Valorant MK VII Liberty Bundle: Release Date, Items & Price

The winds of liberty are blowing through Valorant, and it’s bringing a brand new weapon bundle: the MK. VII Liberty. Prepare to channel your inner patriot with this collection of patriotic-themed skins, ready to dominate the battlefield.

Valorant MK VII Liberty Bundle Release Date

While Riot Games hasn’t officially confirmed the release date, whispers suggest it could be just around the corner. Expect to see the MK. VII Liberty bundle arrive within the next couple of weeks, so keep your VALORANT Points ready!

What’s in the Arsenal of Freedom?

Leaked intel reveals a collection packed with firepower:

  • MK. VII Liberty Vandal
  • MK. VII Liberty Guardian
  • MK. VII Liberty Judge
  • MK. VII Liberty Operator
  • MK. VII Liberty Combat Knife

Valorant MK VII Liberty
Each weapon skin boasts three distinct variants – Desert, Tundra, and Sea – offering a taste of freedom in different landscapes. Expect color variations, design pattern changes, and perhaps even unlockable upgrades to further personalize your arsenal.


While not confirmed, the bundle seems smaller than the Premium Recon collection, hinting at a more affordable price tag. Experts estimate it to fall between 5,000 and 6,000 VALORANT Points, but official confirmation is still awaited.

Remember, freedom comes at a price, but this one might just be worth it. So, polish your skills, stock up on VALORANT Points, and get ready to defend liberty with the MK. VII Liberty bundle. Stay tuned for official release date and pricing information, and prepare to unleash your inner patriot on the battlefield!