Uma Thurman Praises Robert Pattinson for Being a Serious Actor

Uma Thurman, who has worked alongside Robert Pattinson in the film ‘Bel Ami’ has praised him for taking his job so seriously even though he is so young. Uma took note of how often Robert spent rehearsing for the film, and saw that he poured a lot of effort and enthusiasm into his role which made it obvious to her that he is working very hard to further his career:

”He’s very serious. He did a huge amount of rehearsals in his own time. I think that’s what you do when you’re a young actor, when you take your work very seriously and want to take it to the next level.”

Um says that as she progresses in her career, she finds it harder to take it so seriously, while she reached out to Robert while during filming to reassure him that things change rapidly:

”When you’ve been doing this a really long time, it’s hard to take it all so seriously. I said to him, ‘Don’t get too upset about it, because, before you know it, ‘Twilight’ will just be an old film that made you lucky enough to get another job. But when you’re in that position and you’re young, it’s hard to hear through the noise.”

These days, she doesn’t like to re-watch any of the oldest films she starred in because she finds it hard to see her teenage self, and admits that she didn’t know how lucky she was at the time when her career begun to take off first:

”I find it excruciating to watch myself as a teenager. I’ve made a vow never to do it. I was only 17 and working with some of the finest people you will ever meet in the industry, but you don’t realise until you’ve spent 25 years trying to work with such a group again.”