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Tips To Remove Moles By Honey

There are many different ways to remove moles on your body. Some methods can be expensive and painful, while the others can be easily done at home. The serious point of the problem and how quick you want to remove moles, decide the method you want to use. Honey has been used for many years like a cheap method, using little effort to remove moles, but it takes time and patience to completely remove moles from your body.

Treatment: 2 times per day

Apply the purest honey on the affected area

When you wake up in the morning, apply the purest honey you can find on the affected area. Before going to bed, redo it again. This is the most popular method because it asks for no preparation. Most important things, remember to do it every day, the process might be longer if you forget.


Use a cotton swab which is half fuzzy, rub on the surface of the mole. Cover the mole with honey, rub in a circular motion. After that, put a bandage on the moles to keep the moisture a whole day. Do not do this again until the next day, because too much scratch on the moles can cause swelling and inflammation.

Hot water

A hot towel dipped in hot water is useful

At night, dip a towel in hot water, apply on the affected area. Press it and hold about 15 – 30 seconds; this allows the pore of your skin to open and honey to easily get through. After that, apply honey onto your mole. Cover with a band-aid so that you do not have to clean it at night.

Hot honey

Hot honey has the same effect

Boil a lot of honey in a microwave about 15 – 20 seconds. Use your index finger and middle finger, draw a little honey and rub onto the skin of the affected area. The heat of the hot honey has the same effect as the previous method; however, it takes more time to get effect from this method.