5 Celebrities Speak on Switching to Natural Beauty Products

Posted by admin on October 24th, 2017

Hoping to avoid harsh chemicals, these 5 celebrities have switched out some of their beauty products for natural alternatives. Although organic products may be expensive, even changing over one item can make a difference and these stars have opted to try out a natural cleanser, shampoo or another item, slowing moving towards going completely natural. Some even get creative and make their own natural products, while others love simple oils or have found great organic brands that they now swear by.

  1. Georgia May Jagger

Georgia is hooked on organic masks that are sold only in NYC and she stocks up whenever she’s in town: “The whole range is natural and amazing. There’s this Bee Yummy Honey Mask, which is really natural but it actually works, which is always my problem with this stuff – sometimes you try it and it doesn’t actually do anything. Last time I was in New York I just went to the shop and bought it all, basically.”

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