Tips For Lightening Oily Skin

Shiny oil layer on face is among main reasons which make oily skin darker in summer.

Most of Asian women have some troubles with oily skin. Not only does oily skin make your face greasy, but is also the cause of acne when exposed to dust and covered pores. Oily absorbent paper  is an indispensable product in this summer. Not many people know how to apply skin treatments in the comfort of their own home. It is however fully possible to buy the correct products and apply them, this way you can lighten at home whenever you feel the need to do so. This kind of convenience is indispensable when you want to be in control of your own skin routines and treatments. In addition, the use of oil free makeup and skin care products is also a good solution to limit oil.

Tips for lightening oily skin

About kinds of masks are used for oil skin care, we often introduce to you many kinds such as aloe mask, green tea mask, cucumber mask… Today, we will guide you to a new mask, which is suitable for lightening skin and controlling oil in summer. This mask can be applied twice per week to get the highest efficiency.

Guide to mask made from grapefruit – corn flour – yogurt

As you know, grapefruit is fruitful in summer. Not only does it purify your body, lose your weight effectively, but it also provides a large amount of vitamin C for your healthy body. An effective way to lose weight is to eat a half of grapefruit daily. However, not everybody almost knows covering with grapefruit mask. Why not? Our skin always needs vitamin C while this is the main ingredient in grapefruit. Vitamin C helps not only lighten skin, stimulating collagen production making skin firm, anti-aging, but also treat scar effectively. Moreover, grapefruit also has many uses in stretching skin, and narrowing pores very well.

Corn flour can be purchased in supermarkets; this product is very rich in vitamin E. Applying corn flour mask to face will help facial skin become bright, smooth, anti-aging. In winter, if your skin seems to be dry and chapped, you should mix corn flour with fresh milk to apply thanks to the milk’s ability of providing moisture and recovering vitality for skin. In summer, corn and grapefruit are the great weapons to limit oil and lighten skin.

Commonly, we add yogurt to mixture to make thickness. Additionally, yogurt also helps be smooth beautiful skin, clean up dead cells softly and prevent acne.

Raw materials

Raw materials

½ bowl corn flour

¼ bowl grapefruit juice

½ bowl yogurt

How to make

Pour all materials into a big bowl and beat mixture up by a spoon. Put mixture into a fridge to make thickness. Then apply to face within 20 minutes.

How to make

After applying, mixture becomes dry on your skin. You should not prize it from your facial skin by your hands because this action can harm your skin. The best way is to use warm towel, apply to face to make mixture softer, then wipe mask out smoothly, and clean with cool water.

This mask well suits oily skin. Besides, you still can apply for mixing skin and normal skin if you want to lighten your skin and be anti-aging.