The Overpowered Double Pump Glitch Returns in Apex Legends Season 14

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Several changes were made to the game as part of the Apex Legends Season 14 update, which provided dataminers with a new game version to search through and uncover information about the potential Season 15 Legend. Because the update introduced so much new content and changes, it’s natural for new bugs and glitches to appear. However, players have recently discovered that the infamous double pump glitch has reappeared, sparking debate in the Apex Legends community.

The Overpowered Double Pump Glitch Returns in Apex Legends Season 14

The bug, which enables users to once more cancel the Peacekeeper’s lever animation and significantly boost its fire rate, was revealed by Twitter user Mokey on August 18.

The bug gives users an unfair advantage over others by enabling players to shoot the Peacekeeper and Sentinel much faster than they should be able to. Players have discovered that the steps required to carry out this exploit are as follows: Shoot -> reload -> secondary swap -> PK/Sentinel swap.

It isn’t a huge deal for the weapon because the Sentinel is typically used at longer ranges and already has Deadeye’s Tempo. Hipfiring a little faster won’t help you all that much. The Peacekeeper, however, is a completely different beast in the hands of a skilled player thanks to this game exploit. The base fire rate of the PK can nearly double for players with quick hands. Undoubtedly, there is a bug here that Respawn needs to address right away in order to prevent chaos from spreading if players start to abuse it.The Double Pump Glitch Returns in Apex Legends Season 14

It’s extremely difficult to say what caused this bug to reappear. But there are some hints. Tap strafing was accidentally nerfed after some minor changes to Apex Legends’ movement systems, and high level players were quick to notice.

Fortunately, Respawn released a same-day patch that fixed tap strafing with no apparent issues. Seemingly. It’s difficult to say whether the bug was caused by this small hotfix or by a change in the original Season 14 patch that no one noticed, but what matters is that it’s back.

Given how powerful the Peacekeeper becomes in capable hands, all we can hope for is that Respawn can get a fix out as soon as possible.