The Last Faith: How to Solve the Mirror Puzzle in Esk Mansion

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Images via Playstack
the last faith mirror puzzle
Images via Playstack

Welcome to the mysterious Esk Mansion, where The Last Faith challenges players with a perplexing mirror puzzle. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to conquer the mirror puzzle and continue your journey into the depths of The Last Faith.

Identifying the Clues

The mirror puzzle may seem daunting, but the true challenge lies in deciphering the clues hidden within Esk Mansion. As you navigate the various levels, defeating enemies and exploring each room, you’ll notice a peculiar respawn pattern. This is your first clue.

Return to the top floor of Esk Mansion, where three mirrors stand mysteriously. Look at them from a specific angle, and you’ll catch a glimpse of the three respawning enemies. Memorize their vague forms, as this information is crucial for solving the mirror puzzle.

Puzzle Solution

To open the door at the top of the mansion, you must eliminate the mirrored enemies in a specific order. Follow this sequence carefully:

  1. Witch on the top-left mirror
  2. Tentacle monster on the middle-right mirror
  3. Grabbing snake on the middle-left mirror

Execute these kills in the precise order mentioned, and the door leading to the next part of The Last Faith will unlock.

If you’ve made a mistake or have already slain one of the enemies out of order, fear not. Head to the bottom floor, enter and exit the room to reset the mirror puzzle. This action will only respawn the enemies in the room, allowing you to try the puzzle again.

Remember, careful observation and following the specific order of defeating enemies in the mirror puzzle is the key to progressing in The Last Faith. Good luck on your journey!