The LA Lakers have devised an ultimate NBA trade strategy that LeBron James won’t like

The Lakers may miss out on a big-name acquisition to bolster their roster this season, which will likely enrage LeBron James.

The Lakers have ultimate NBA trade plan that super star LeBron James won’t like

LeBron James - Lakers
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So far, the Lakers’ 2022/23 season has been a disaster. They are 14-21, and their spirited comeback was dealt a bitter blow when Anthony Davis suffered a frustrating injury, robbing the franchise of its momentum.

The Lakers fanbase, along with James, are desperate for the front office to make some moves in order to improve the team and maximize their superstar’s form in his twilight years.

However, recent reports indicate that the team may remain unchanged for the rest of the season, with the current roster remaining in place.

The current roster is reportedly unbalanced, and the front office is saving draft capital in case an unsettled star like Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards forces a move and becomes available.

When Russell Westbrook’s massive $47.1 million contract expires at the end of the season, the Lakers still won’t have much money to spend. Depending on how certain contract options are exercised, the franchise will have approximately $30 million available for free agency next summer.

Players like Austin Reaves could be retained, which means the Lakers may only have $15-20 million to spend in free agency next summer. This limits the team’s ability to pursue a star like Beal because it would require a large number of contracts to be traded.

If the Lakers are to trade future draft picks for a star, they must do so while Westbrook is still under contract. When that contract expires, so do LA’s chances of acquiring a star.