The actress Laura Hamilton from “A Place in the Sun” is being called “SEXY” since she is WEARING a MINIDRESS that exposes her legs


Laura Hamilton, who starred in “A Place in the Sun,” looked absolutely stunning in a short, multicolored dress.

The actress Laura Hamilton from “A Place in the Sun” is being called “sexy” as she exposes her legs in a minidress

Presenter Laura Hamilton of A Place in the Sun was dubbed “sexy” by swooning admirers when she wore a garment that barely covered her thighs while filming in Spain.

The lovely photo, taken in Spain when she was filming an episode of the Channel 4 property hunting show, was posted with her 179,000 Instagram followers.


The blonde model looked stunning in an orange outfit with a white floral pattern as she posed for photos in front of Lake Negratn.

As she smiled for the camera, Laura’s eye-catching costume clung to her slim shape and ended at her thighs, revealing her long legs.

The TV star kept her characteristic style of blonde hair up and added height to her frame with a pair of silver strapped shoes.

“Happy Monday! This morning I am filming in a pretty spectacular location… and the sun is shining!” The inscription was written by Laura.

One commenter gushed to the presenter, “Just like to say how beautiful you are and always look stunning”.

“Someone agreed, “You look bloody gorgeous” and remarked, “What a gorgeous dress. Looking sexy.” A seductive appearance.”

Another person complimented, “Looking gorgeous as ever” and a fourth said “that gorgeous smile”.

It follows Laura‘s disclosure that she has a disease that can cause severe bruising and bleeding called immune thrombocytopenia (ITP).

The TV starlet said she was left with a visible bruise that she had to “cover up” with a long dress.

To her devotees, she declared: “What a great few days filming something new in the sun. My legs are covered in bruises, but with ITP that is often the case and I’ll never let it stop me from doing the things I love!”

A few days later, Laura gave an update on her health, posting a photo of the bruise on her knee and thanking her admirers for their well wishes.


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