A Place In The Sun star Laura Hamilton is described as looking ”looks just like mum” in the new photo

Laura Hamilton, host of A Place In The Sun, posted a stunningly glamorous photo of herself and her mother in honor of Mother’s Day.

Fans are saying that Laura Hamilton ”looks just like mum” in the new photo

(Image: @laurahamiltontv/Instagram)

The Channel 4 host used Instagram to send a heartfelt message to those who have lost a mother as well as to her own mother and her followers on Mother’s Day.

The 40-year-old TV starlet posted a throwback photo with her glamorous mother, in which blonde daughter Laura is wearing a sparkly top and has her hair pulled back into a bun.

She went for a glamorous look by applying brown eyeshadow to her eyelids and a hint of red lipstick.

(Image: @laurahamiltontv/Instagram)

Her mother stood next to her, also smiling for the camera, her own blonde hair falling to her cheeks and a light pink tint to her lips.

Balloons were floating above their heads, suggesting some sort of family celebration.

In another photo, Laura and her grandma smile brightly as they share in the day’s festivities.

Laura wrote as she posted the double photo: “The best Happy Mother’s Day to Lynn Hamilton. Love you! Thinking about everyone today who has loved and lost a mum.”

Her fanbase rallied quickly to approve of the photo, and the couple’s glitzy attire made many observers swoon.

A person chimed in, calling them a “fabulous pair of women” and another exclaiming, “God, looks just like mum,”

After the festivities of the special day ended, Laura went back to posting her regular content, which included teases about her upcoming appearance on A Place in the Sun.

(Image: @laurahamiltontv/Instagram)

Monday, she confirmed the show’s return to air while looking stunning in a figure-hugging, floaty dress.

Pictured lounging on the beach with the ocean in the background, Laura remarked: “Let the house search begin!” as she revealed she was sunning it up in La Mata.

To the delight of viewers everywhere, A Place in the Sun has returned to television, and Laura has been making regular appearances on the show looking absolutely stunning.