Stunning gymnast Olivia Dunne shows off her incredible toughness in a viral TikTok clip

(Image: TikTok @livvy)

Olivia Dunne’s balancing beam genius has left her army of TikTok admirers scratching their heads in excitement and astonishment.

Olivia Dunne demonstrated incredible flexibility with a TikTok balance beam routine that amazed her fans

(Image: TikTok @livvy)

The colleague gymnast, who earned a billionaire through endorsements after turning 18 years old, is still the highest-paid female college athlete, and it’s clear to see why.

Her ability in the gym has been put on display for all to see with a TikTok routine that demonstrates her flexibility, in addition to captivating the hearts of her followers.

Jumping on the balance beam, captioned “Bit of a stretch.”

Dunne held her legs straight in the air before changing into a splits stance and posting the video online.

The post received 350,000 likes in a short of days.

One comment read: “I don’t think people understand the pure STRENGTH it takes to do this.”

“Livvy, how are you so flexible?” said another.

Dunne, 20, has amassed an army of fans since she began updating her social media platforms on a regular basis, with an additional four million followers on Instagram.

(Image: livvydunne/Instagram)

The Louisiana State University athlete, who was featured in Sports Illustrated earlier this year, recently retaliated against critics who advised her to tone down her suggestive images.

She stated: ‘People always comment stuff that they would never say to your face, so part of it is just having developed tough skin. Social media is hard.

(Image: livvydunne/Instagram)

‘I think it’s important to stand up for yourself. Maybe it’s the Jersey girl in me, but I think girls need to know it [isn’t] OK [for people to say that], especially [because I’m] posting things that any other college kid would post in.

‘[Or I’m in] a leotard – which is the required uniform for being a gymnast. It’s ridiculous.”