Story of the Day: Christina Aguilera Slimming Down for Summer Wedding?


Is Christina Aguilera secretly planning a wedding? The singer has been with new boyfriend Matt Rutler for a while now so it wouldn’t come as a big surprise – they seem like a happy couple! According to sources, Christina wants to tie the knot it a low key ceremony during the summer and she’s working on losing weight for the big day.  She has put herself on a fish and veg diet and wants to hit her target weight:

“Christina is sprucing up and losing weight because she and Matt are planning to tie the know this summer, she wants a small, at-home affair without too much fuss. She decided to give herself a major slim-down as a pre-wedding present, and feels she looks great at 125 pounds.”

Christina is known for her drinking habit but the insider says she has even cut back on her drinking and only has alcohol at weekends now in order to cut out the major calories:

“Christina also dialed back her drinking to two days a week, usually the weekend. She just has a glass of wine with dinner… she’s ready to embark on a new life with a new hot body.”

Christina is obviously worth a lot so lets hope she gets herself an airtight pre-nup if this story is true or there will be more drama in store!