Stephanie Seymour Named the New Face of Estée Lauder


One of the original supermodels Stephanie Seymour has been named as the new face of beauty company Estée Lauder. Stephanie has had plenty of beauty contracts during her career, including working with Revlon and Dior, but she has never been enlisted by Estée Lauder until now. Stephanie revealed that her mother told her as a teenager that she would one day be the face of the company but it hadn’t happened – until she found out the good news just before Christmas in 2013. The model says the first thing she did was call her mom:

“It was my Christmas present. The first thing I did was call my mother — and she laughed and said, ‘How cute — I can’t believe you remember that!’ But it always stuck with me. Whenever I heard they were looking for models, I would always cross my fingers and hope. For a model to work with Estée Lauder is the pinnacle of things. And to be a part of a major brand, which is hiring models rather than actresses, is also huge.”

Estée Lauder global brand president, Jane Hertzmark Hudis, commented that the famous model is a perfect fit for them before she is the embodiment of luxury and beauty to most women:

“Stephanie represents modern women today in such a beautifully articulated way and she represents modern beauty and luxury to us. This campaign will speak to the beautiful complexity that makes her who she is.”

Recently shooting the new images, Stephanie was excited about the campaign despite the snow downpour in NYC which almost prevented her from turning up, but she was determined:

“I looked out the window and was like, “I am not going to be late for this shoot!'”

The new campaign is expected to land in Autumn 2014.