Starfield: Hunter or Emissary – Choosing Your Path

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Starfield hunter Emissary

In Starfield, the choice between siding with the Hunter or Emissary occurs during the Unearthed mission. This guide will provide an overview of the choices and their outcomes, but be aware that spoilers lie ahead.

Starfield: Hunter or Emissary – Choosing Your Path

The Hunter

If you choose to side with the Hunter in Starfield, follow these responses:

  • “The Hunter is right. The only real rule is who gets the Artifacts first.”
  • “I’m siding with the Hunter.”

By aligning with the Hunter, you embrace a path of anarchy and violence. The Hunter will offer assistance during the Revelation final mission, but before that, he will task you with killing Keeper Aquilus. The decision to carry out this act or persuade Aquilus to go into hiding rests on your shoulders.

The Emissary

The Emissary, your deceased companion from another universe, seeks to control the Unity and act as its caretaker or guardian. To side with the Emissary in Starfield, choose the following responses:

  • “The Emissary is right. The Artifacts need to be in the right hands.”
  • “I’m siding with the Emissary.”

By aligning with the Emissary, you accept their role as the judge of humanity’s worthiness to become Starborn. While this may appear benevolent, it also grants the Emissary the power to determine humanity’s fate. During the Revelation final mission, the Emissary will aid you by engaging other Starborn ships and battling the Starborn and Ecliptic mercenaries in the facility.

Neither Starborn

It is also possible to refuse to side with either the Hunter or the Emissary in Starfield, asserting your independence. To do so, choose the following responses:

  • “You’re both wrong. It’s time someone other than a Starborn made a decision.”
  • “I’ll get to the Unity on my own. I’m tired of both of you.”

By rejecting both Starborn factions, you take a self-reliant path and distance yourself from their influence. However, be prepared for the consequences. During the Revelation final mission, both the Hunter and Emissary will attack you, and you will face the challenges alone without a Starborn ally.

Your decision to side with the Hunter, Emissary, or neither will significantly impact the outcome of the game and your experience during the Revelation final mission. Consider your character’s values and the consequences carefully before making your choice in Starfield.