Where to Find Vulture’s Roost in Starfield

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Images via Bethesda Softworks
Starfield Vulture's Roost
Images via Bethesda Softworks

In this guide, we’ll show you how to reach the Vulture’s Roost and what to do once you arrive at this treasure trove in Starfield.

Where to Find Vulture’s Roost in Starfield

Vulture’s Roost is a remote location in Starfield where you can reap bountiful rewards. However, locating it can be a bit tricky. Follow these steps to reach this hidden gem:

  • Travel to the Jaffa System: Start your journey by heading to the Jaffa System within the game.
  • Select Jaffa IV Planet: Within the Jaffa System, choose the Jaffa IV planet as your destination.
  • Rotate the Planet: Once on the planet’s screen, carefully rotate it until you spot the elusive Vulture’s Roost. It may not be immediately visible, so take your time rotating the planet until you locate it.
  • Landing Spot: Look for the landing spot on the planet that corresponds to Vulture’s Roost and make your descent.

Exploring the Wonders of Vulture’s Roost

Now that you’ve successfully arrived at Vulture’s Roost, you may wonder what awaits you in this hidden haven. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Enemies and XP Farming: The area is teeming with enemies, making it an ideal location for farming XP. As you defeat these foes, you’ll earn valuable experience points to level up your character.
  • Contraband and Valuables: Vulture’s Roost is brimming with valuable contraband, including items like Xenowarfare Tech in Starfield. These items can be collected and later sold or used for your benefit.

  • Main Building: Start your exploration at the main landing pad, situated due east from the bar. Inside the bar, you’ll find a plethora of loot and some enemies. The difficulty of these enemies will scale with your character’s level.
  • Reinforcements and Elite Boss: After clearing out the main building, venture to the landing pad near the rocks. Here, you’ll face reinforcements, including an elite boss. If you manage to defeat them, a ship will be added to your inventory as a reward.

Vulture’s Roost in Starfield is a hidden treasure trove where you can farm XP and collect valuable contraband. While it may not be part of any main quests or side missions, this location offers a unique opportunity to bolster your character’s strength and gather rare items. So, venture into the Jaffa System, locate Vulture’s Roost, and enjoy the bountiful rewards that await you in the depths of space. Happy farming!