Stacy Keibler on George Clooney Split: “Not Really That Big of a Deal”


If Stacy Keibler is upset following her split from actor George Clooney, she’s certainly not letting it show. Commenting on the end of the relationship, Stacy makes it sound as though she is already over it and looking to move on, stating that it is just a part of life to break up and she won’t be dwelling on it. She even says that there is no real story to tell and that it’s not a big deal that they parted ways:

”For me, it’s just what it is. There’s no real story. I almost wish I had a story because it would make it so much easier, because everyone’s so interested. To me, it’s not really that big of a deal. It’s just life and now, you know, new beginnings.”

Stacy, surely quite used to being surrounded by big name stars especially as George’s other half, says that she is rarely star-struck but did feel strange meeting Barack Obama for the first time and says she was speechless:

”I’m never really star-struck by people, but meeting him for the first time – no matter which party you’re on – he’s got such an energy about him, he’s very charming, so I was a little speechless when I first met him.”

Although Stacy found fame through WWE, she was surprised to find that many Hollywood executives already recognized her from her work:

 ”I remember when I first moved to Los Angeles, a lot of the executives at the film studios were big wrestling fans. I’d be set up with a general meeting with someone, thinking they had no idea, and they’d say, ‘What is it that you’re doing right now?’ And they knew everything!”