Did Snoop Dogg Inspire A Nail Polish Trend?

With the nail art trend growing more elaborate, traditional manicures are going by the wayside. Stars are opting for unique designs and a ton of DIY kits are being released so regular people can achieve the look too. Nail polish fanatics are choosing to adorn their fingertips with caviar manicures, metallic studs, intricate painted designs, and other effects instead of simply slapping on one coat of any old color.

snoop 1

Even the classic French manicure has lost all its allure. A few months ago, Chanel sent models down the runway at one of their fashion shows with white tips over a pink base coat, but it didn’t catch on. It turns out that to turn it into a trend, they needed the help of someone completely unexpected – Snoop Dogg!

snoop 2

The 41-year-old rapper posted a picture on Instagram the other day that showed him smoking while rocking a French manicure. He included the caption, “French tip for the french enhale.” He definitely doesn’t know how to spell (or has smoked too much to know better), but he obviously keeps up with his manicures.

snoop 3

We should probably have noticed the fact that he was smoking first, but we couldn’t keep our eyes off his fingers instead. We’re obviously not the only ones, as the picture has already racked up close to 30,000 likes and 3,000 comments. What do you think of Snoop’s nails? Will French manicures be the next big trend for women and men alike, or should he avoid getting manicures from now on?

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