Shay Mitchell Talks Celebrating Beauty & Shares Skin Tips


Actress Shay Mitchell has shared how she maintains her gorgeous glow. Turning to a Biore product, Shay says she loves to apply face masks a few times a week because it freshens up her complexion. She also believes exfoliating regularly is the key to radiant clean skin. She shared her tips:

“I do like to do a lot more face masks, like Biore’s Self-Heating One Minute Mask, because I’m always in hair and makeup. It doesn’t matter if you live in a warm climate. My skin can get dry with the amount of makeup I wear on set and taking it off all the time, so I’ll do a mask a few times a week, and will exfoliate once or twice a week.”

Shay comments that women need to stop comparing themselves to photoshopped images because they don’t represent reality and it’s something she has learnt by being in the industry and seeing how photos can be altered dramatically by the professionals:

“I know I used to compare myself to a lot of girls in magazines, but after being in the industry, you realize that there is a lot that goes into these photos. I’m not against it by any means, but you do need to realize that the images out there have been Photoshopped and edited by professionals, so don’t come down on yourself too much if you have a stretch mark here and there.”

The actress also explains that while growing up, she at first tried to follow everyone else’s idea of beauty, but now that she is looking back, she wishes she embraced what made her unique more because it’s what made her stand out from the crowd positively:

“Growing up a different race in a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood, all of my friends had fair complexions with blonde hair and blue eyes. I look back on my photos and I’m completely different. I dyed my hair lighter, I wore color contacts, I didn’t want to be out in the sun. If I said anything to myself back then, it would have been, celebrate who you are. The fact that you’re different is going to help you in the future.”