15 of The Worst Celebrity Photoshop Pictures

Posted by PZ on June 4th, 2010

From time to time, a magazine goes slightly overboard with photoshop – making celebrities look doll-like and sometimes, even reshuffling limbs or, in some extreme cases, putting a celeb’s head onto a model’s body! Here is 15 of the weirdest and worst uses of photoshop in celebrity pictures!

Tyra Banks miraculously looses her eye-bags..

Terry Hatcher is given a healthy glow

Mena Suvari’s acne disappears with the wave of a magic wand!

Can you even recognize Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker? The girls were given a drastic makeover for SATC2.

Gwen Stefani looks doll-like and creepy for Elle

Amy Winehouse holds the hand of an invisible stranger..

Madonna has had a lot of work done – so that’s how she stays young!

Eminem’s eyes are scary and cartoon-ish!

Beyonce’s skin colour was given a controversial photoshop makeover

Demi Moore borrows the body of a runway model for this cover of W magazine

Kim Kardashian’s waist gets the photoshop version of a tummy tuck – and her cellulite disappears too!

Britney gets the Heidi Montag photoshop treatment – waist is nipped in, bruises deleted and her thighs are made smaller

Adam Lambert is given an unnatural glow for his album cover

Demi Lovato’s chin never seems to end, and her mouth is abnormally huge!

Miley‘s given an extra hand!

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