Sharon Stone Reveals Ice Water Beauty Secret


Youthful beauty Sharon Stone has revealed her simple beauty secret that she swears by to make her skin look less tired. The actress reveals that when she needs to look her best, she takes a bowl and fills it with ice and water, and simply dunks her face in to perk her skin up and reduce her tired appearance. She explained:

“I know that there are in the world literally millions of other women who feel like I feel. I’m so not the only single working mother or even working mother or working woman who’s just exhausted, and knowing that helps me. It’s exhausting and, frankly, what I do is I take a metal bowl and I fill it with ice and I put water in it and I put my face in it. Because I have to put my face on camera and it’s not great when I look awful.”

Opening up on the other beauty secrets she swears by, Sharon says her mother always advised her to look after her skin, so she makes sure to have a proper skincare routine:

“My mother taught me from a young age about the importance of taking care of your skin. She would encourage me to cleanse and moisturize twice daily, and I still follow that advice today.”

While she’s not against cosmetic procedures, Sharon thinks it’s very important that everything still looks natural and she thinks beauty should simply be about looking like the best version of yourself:

“A natural look is hugely important to me and a lot of people I know. These days people don’t want to look like someone else, they simply want to look their best version of themselves. That’s certainly true for me and facial fillers and skinboosters can have a really natural-looking result despite the scary images people are used to reading about.”