Selena Gomez reveals her flawless skin while sporting a plunging black tank top in make-up-free snaps

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On the first day of the week, Selena Gomez posted two makeup-free selfies to Instagram, showcasing her naturally glowing skin.

Selena Gomez reveals a flawless complexion while sporting a plunging black tank top

All of the Killings in The Building star posted the two photos, in which she can be seen wearing a low-cut black tank top, for her 398 million followers.

Gomez, who appeared to be unwinding at home, wore her glossy black hair in loose waves.

With the caption “Violet chemistry,” Selena received four million likes in less than an hour from her massive fanbase.

Selena frequently posts makeup-free selfies to her Instagram to show her fans that she’s not afraid to show some skin.

Last month, the stunning woman shared an extremely unfiltered photo of herself in which she flaunted a noticeable scar on her upper lip.

Selena wore her hair in its natural curls and layered on cozy sweaters, revealing her beautiful features.

The string of tweets from Selena Gomez happened nearly three weeks after she surpassed Kylie Jenner‘s 380 million followers on Instagram.

Gomez and Kylie have both taken to social media since Gomez appears to have passed Kylie in popularity to dispel rumors of a feud between the two, which began when a TikTok user claimed Kylie had made a rude comment about Gomez’s eyebrows in response to a post Gomez made about them on Instagram Stories.

‘This is reaching,’ Jenner said. ‘No shade towards Selena ever and I didn’t see her eyebrow posts! u guys are making something out of nothing. This is silly.’

Gomez in response added, ‘Agreed @kyliejenner. It’s all unnecessary. I’m a fan of Kylie!’

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