Sarah Jessica Parker Doesn’t Think She’s A Fashion Icon

Sarah Jessica Parker has long been associated with fashion due to her role as Carrie Bradshaw on the show Sex and the City. She embodied New York City glamour to women everywhere and made Manolo Blahnik a household name – a designer whose shoes even the thriftiest women covet.

More recently, Barneys New York and the Walt Disney Company created a cartoon version of SJP for their Electric Holiday campaign video. Still, the actress insists she doesn’t think of herself as a fashion icon. Of the suggestion that she’s the same fashion icon in real life as she once played on the small screen, she says:

 It’s not an identity that I … connect to. I’m grateful if anyone says anything kind, and if they say something less kind, I take that as a part of anyone talking about you at all. It’s not how I think of myself and I think it’s probably the healthier approach.

Even though she doesn’t associate herself with fashion, Parker does admit that she appreciates the industry. “I love beautiful things and I’m privileged to borrow a beautiful dress,” says Sarah of her opportunities to wear designer clothing on the red carpet. She feels that this is the one part of her life that fashion fits into to and does enjoy dressing up when she gets the chance.

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