Rumors: The Dodgers may still want Bryan Reynolds, but the Pirates will “make a deal they like”

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Having lost more players than they’ve gained, including former MVP and All-Star Cody Bellinger, L.A Dodgers is thin at some key positions heading into the new season.

Bryan Reynolds is linked to the Los Angeles Dodgers, but his price seems too high

Bryan Reynolds - Dodgers

For the Dodgers, the outfield is one of the positions where depth is most lacking. It’s possible that L.A.’s decision to use in-house players rather than the minor league signings they made to fill the everyday roster spots is the best one.

Although rumors of the Dodgers pursuing proven outfielders like Pirates all-star Bryan Reynolds have died down a bit, one MLB Insider recently revived the topic in an article.

Buster Olney of ESPN had this to say about Burr and the L.A.

“And since nobody has mentioned Reynolds, I’ll mention him. The Los Angeles Dodgers, Yankees, Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners are among the teams that could use an outfielder, so with so many potential trade partners, I think the Pirates make a deal they like.”

Several teams with outfielder needs have been linked to the 27-year-old, but according to Olney, a trade involving him is more likely to occur in the summer.

Adding Reynolds to Los Angeles’ roster of A-listers would be a huge win for the city, but he may cost too much.

According to MLB insider Ken Rosenthal’s December Bleacher Report article, the Pirates could be seeking a “Juan Soto type” trade for the former all-star.

“Yes, the Pirates are willing to entertain moving center fielder Bryan Reynolds, if only because clubs are almost always willing to listen to trade offers. Teams interested in Reynolds, however, say the price tag is similar to what it was in the past—exceedingly high.”

Los Angeles should not bother if the cost remains so high. Even though Reynolds is an improvement, he is not worth the asking price.

The Dodgers’ outfield may not be as strong as it has been in the past, but the team may have to make do with what it has.