Roblox Weak Legacy official Trello link & Discord server (2024)

Weak Legacy discord server

The official Weak Legacy Trello and Discord links can be found in this guide, allowing you to always be in the know about what’s happening in the game.

Weak Legacy official Trello link

Follow this link to access the Roblox Weak Legacy Trello.

Weak Legacy official Discord server

If you want to join the Roblox Weak Discord server, click the following link:

About Roblox Weak Legacy

Roblox Weak Legacy is an exciting game based on the popular show “Demon Slayer.” Players in the game have the option of fighting for humanity or fighting alongside the Demons. The Demon Slayer Corps, which has existed since ancient times, plays an important role in the game. To become a Demon Slayer, players must first pass the Final Selection, which serves as an entrance exam for the Demon Slayer Corps. During this round, players must survive for seven days on a demon-infested mountain without help from the outside world.

Demons, an ancient race of monstrous, supernatural, immortal beings, play an important role in the game as well. They have an abnormally strong physical constitution and the ability to regenerate, and sunlight is lethal to them. Only the Nichirin Swords can cause fatal wounds.