Fakewoken 3 Trello & Discord links (2024)

Fakewoken 3 Discord

Check out the Fakewoken 3 Trello & Discord for answers to any questions you may have about the game, such as game updates, items, bosses, etc.

Fakewoken 3 Trello Link

Follow this link to the Fakewoken 3 Trello. Simply clicking that link will take you to the Trello, which contains a variety of details on how the experience works.

Is there a Discord for Fakewoken 3?

There is also a Disocrd server for Fakewoken 3 where you can chat with other players and game developers by clicking here.

How do you get weapons in Fakewoken 3?

In Fakewoken 3, you can get weapons by rolling rare cards, which is like how mantras work in Deepwoken. The player can either roll for two weapons or just take one of the weapons that comes up.

In addition, the game’s anvil feature allows players to create offhand weapons. These weapons, however, require notes and parts to be crafted. The grapple hook weapon, on the other hand, can be obtained through a gamepass and does not require any notes or parts to obtain.

How do you obtain cards?

Experience points can be gained in three ways: parrying, slaying normal players, and slaying monsters. Killing normal players provides a reasonable amount of EXP, while killing monsters provides a significant amount of EXP. When your EXP reaches a certain level, a fortune ball will appear at the top of your screen. By clicking on the fortune ball, you will be shown four or two cards from which to select your reward.

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