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Rita Ora Talks Perfecting Her Lipstick Application

British singer and fashion icon Rita Ora is rarely seen without a strong red lip, and now she’s spoken on how she has perfected her application technique over the years. Rita, who is the current face of several big name fashion brands including Roberto Cavalli, comments that her obsession with red lips all began when she was a young girl. She gushes that she always used to admire how glamorous her own mother would look with a red pout and now she’s able to apply her own red lips without even looking in a mirror:

“It started from my mom because she’s a crazy glamorous lady, and then just learning how to do it over the years, I really learned how to perfect it. I don’t even need a mirror, it’s strange.”

Rita recently collaborated with makeup giant Rimmel to design her own line of bold lipsticks which come in a handy pen form that are very simple to swiftly apply. The singer says that the special design makes wearing lipstick even easier because it just glides on effortlessly and more precise. She says the product has helped her avoid getting lipstick on her teeth:

“And now I’ve actually designed my own lipstick [for Rimmel] so now I can be even better. It’s a pen form, so I don’t need to worry about it getting on my teeth because [regular lipstick] does get on my teeth. It’s the worst. And then you’re smiling with so much confidence and someone says, ‘Excuse me…’ It’s like when someone says your breathe smells!”