Rita Ora’s Under-Eye Dark Bags Makeup Tip & Perfume Memories


British singer Rita Ora has revealed that she does occasionally do her own makeup, and when she does, she likes to use some of the tips she has picked up from the pros. She pays special care to her under-eye area which she says often suffers from dark bags. Her tip is to apply an eye serum before adding makeup over the area and there is one product she loves to use the most:

“Sometimes I do my own make-up. I’ve learned a lot over the years. The most important thing to do is use SPF and make sure your skin is staying hydrated with a great moisturising cream, lip balm, night cream and eye serum. I’m very conscious about the dark bags under my eyes so I’m always using a serum. I love the one by Fresh at the moment. I love how they use real rose petals and how, well, fresh it truly feels—it really lives up to its name.”

Rita is also very passionate about perfume and has many great memories linked to different scents. She comments that when she was a teenager she loved to smell good and would apply different products regularly. She would also steal some Chanel perfume from her glamorous mother as a teen and she always felt cool wearing it:

“Back when I was in school, I was always wearing some sort of fragrance, whether it was perfume, deodorant or body lotion—I always liked smelling good. My mother had a signature scent, Chanel No. 5, and she oozed glamour. I was always stealing my mom’s Chanel perfume and my friends were always asking and I said [very dramatically], ‘It’s Chanel.’ It automatically made me cool.”