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Rita Ora on Why She loves Red Lips & Her Beauty Creative Control

Rita Ora is known for her ever-present red lips, a signature part of her famed looks. She has opened up on how her obsession with red lips came about, revealing that it all began when she took one of her mother’s bright red lip colours without asking. She still has a vivid memory of what it looked like:

“The deep connection I have with red lipstick comes from my mum. When I was 15, I finally had the courage to steal my mum’s lipstick, a vibrant tomato-red shade. I still remember its distinct gold tube.”

Rita is currently the face of multiple brands and is also working on an upcoming Adidas collaboration. She says that now her image is just as important to her as creating music because people see her as a full creative package and not just a singer, so she has to have creative control over her clothes, makeup and beauty. She admits she takes great care in putting together her own image:

“I believe in being a 360-degree artist, which means that I take my clothes just as seriously as my music. My look is all me and there are no rules. I like to dress how I want and in whatever makes me feel comfortable, I also prefer trainers to heels.”’

The singer adds that while she prefers boyish clothing, she likes to add balance by going quite feminine with her hair and makeup: “I’m kind of a tomboy when it comes to my style, but I like my hair and make-up to be feminine and glamorous.”