Rita Ora bares her flat stomach in a revealing bra top in her first update since returning to Australia with husband Taika Waititi

After returning to Australia on Friday, Rita Ora published her first update, in which she bared her flat stomach in a bra top.

Rita Ora posts first update since returning to Australia with husband Taika Waititi, in which she bares her toned abs

The 32-year-old singer posted a close-up selfie on Instagram to show off her clothing.

She wore a gold-buckled belt with her beige skirt, bomber jacket, and little white Miu Miu blouse.

Honey golden hair in beachy waves and a full face of dazzling makeup were Rita’s signature look.

In yet another shot, she poses by the water in a black triangle bikini and cowboy boots.

The singer then showed off yet another outfit, this time a pair of sporty grey shorts paired with a casual sweater and bright sneakers.

“Back in the [Australian flag emoji] and also things in my phone that you haven’t seen yet she added to the status update.

Rita recently revealed the circumstances of her spiritual wedding to Taika Waititi, prompting this revision.

Rita said she didn’t want any “special attention” at her wedding to Oscar-winning director, 47, last summer.

“Some women like to feel that real special attention that day. And everyone’s different. And for me – I think with my job, it is all… it’s very attention driven – I wanted to keep it private because my life and my career aren’t”  yet it is.

Only Taika’s two daughters from his prior marriage and Rita’s sister Elena were able to make the short notice event.

Rita explains that the pair felt time pressure to choose a date due to their busy schedules: “It was either then or we had to wait for ages. I didn’t want to do it without my stepkids there. So, we just figured it out and we did it. And it was perfect.”

“My sister was there, which was amazing for me. And he had his girls there, which was amazing for him. It was a dream. My parents were on Zoom.”

Rita recalled, “Honestly, there was no real getting down on one knee. It was more like, “I want to marry you. Let’s just do it.”

Rita hasn’t posted any photos from the wedding, but she did describe her “incredible” Tom Ford outfit as being white with lace and having a veil that reached the ground.

Rita, who hadn’t told anyone she was getting married, said she was considering throwing a big party for all their relatives and friends.