Report of the Day: Demi Moore’s Daughters Worried For Her Health

Demi Moore’s daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, are reportedly worried about their mom’s health. After her break-up with Ashton Kutcher and rehab stint,  Demi’s kids are worried that she is getting close to having another episode and they want to protect her at all costs, which means keeping her sober and happy. A source commented:

“They’re really worried about everything she is doing lately and they’re getting mad at her. Demi has been doing things that make them worry that maybe she isn’t staying sober and they’re not happy about her behavior. The last thing these girls need is dealing with their mother going through yet another episode.”

Tallulah’s high school graduation took place during the weekend and the source claims that family tensions ran high as Demi looked skinny in a black dress at the event, increasing their worries further:

“Things were really tense at the graduation, Demi did not look healthy and did not seem in a good place. All three girls are concerned she may have relapsed.”

Although the girls were hoping Ashton Kutcher might make an appearance at the memorable family moment, Demi reportedly rejected the idea telling the girls he wasn’t allowed to attend:

“Demi said no way when she heard that Ashton wanted to go. She doesn’t like how close he is to her daughters and especially now she doesn’t want them hanging out with him.”