Remnant 2 Guide – How to unlock the Alchemist and obtain the Dreamcatcher

remnant 2 alchemist

Having a hard time obtaining the Dreamcatcher weapon and unlocking the Alchemist archetype in Remnant 2? Don’t worry; our comprehensive guide has got you covered! Here’s how to get your hands on both.

Remnant 2 Guide – How to unlock the Alchemist archetype

To begin the quest to unlock the Alchemist class, players must explore any of the open-world areas within the Losomn biome, such as the Brocwithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, or Ironborough. The Morrow Parish, when not burning, seems to be the most common location for the event.

While exploring the outer edges of the map, keep an eye out for sewer drainage vents. Inside one of these vents, a strange and unseen creature may be lurking. In a random encounter, this creature will suddenly grab the player and drag them into the depths of the Sewer, initiating an optional boss fight. Successfully defeating this boss will yield the Philosopher’s Stone, the essential item required to unlock the Alchemist.

Note: If players fail to defeat the optional boss, they will respawn outside the sewer, losing the chance to obtain the Philosopher’s Stone. To get another chance, players will need to reroll in Adventure Mode.

Once in possession of the Philosopher’s Stone, head to Wallace in the Ward 13 hub. By paying 1,500 scrap, players can unlock the enigmatic Alchemist class.

For Team Players: When playing with a team, if one party member gets grabbed by the creature, the rest of the team must die. To accomplish this, open the inventory and select the skull icon. After everyone in the team is down, they will respawn in the sewers, granting them access to the optional boss fight.

Remnant 2 Guide – How to obtain the Dreamcatcher weapon

The Asylum, a twisted location in Remnant 2, holds the secret to acquiring the Dreamcatcher. To begin the quest, players must locate the head doctor, imprisoned in an underground orison cell. The head doctor tasks players with finding three Stone-Carved Dolls scattered throughout the Asylum.

  • The first Stone-Carved Doll can be found in a shed outside the Asylum, where players will face the formidable Ripsaw and claim the Asylum Third Floor Key.

  • The second doll awaits on the third floor, accessible with the acquired key.
  • The last doll is hidden across from the office with the iron safe.

Upon collecting the three Stone-Carved Dolls, players should return to the head doctor’s cell. Though she will have vanished, the Nightweaver Stone Doll will be in her place. This enigmatic doll is the key to unlocking the Dreamcatcher. By trading the Nightweaver Stone Doll into the Nightweaver’s Web, found at the bottom of the Asylum, players will finally be rewarded with the Dreamcatcher.

In Remnant 2, the Dreamcatcher and Alchemist class promise unique rewards, but obtaining them demands determination and exploration. Embrace the challenge, uncover the secrets, and wield the power of these hidden treasures to enhance your Remnant 2 adventure.