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5 Stars Who Think People Are Too Focused on Looks

Feeling as though the focus always falls on their looks, these 5 celebrities have had enough of people obsessing about image and think the world has impossible and unrealistic standards when it comes to body image. Believing that there is too much of a focus on looking as young and as flawless as possible, these …

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6 Celebrities Without Eyebrows

If you take the eyebrows off a person, they instantly transform into some kind of weird alien creature that is quite strange to look at. Don’t believe me? Check out these 6 eyebrow-less celebrities below. Photoshopping out their eyebrows makes them look like monster people who might eat babies for breakfast, or at the very …

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6 Celebs Wearing Pastel Jeans

Pastel jeans are one of the biggest trends this Spring/Summer 2012, and these 6 celebrities have already been spotted rocking a pair. Choose from any ice-cream shade you fancy, this simple trend is easy to wear every day, and looks great with simple casual pieces dressed down. As Cameron Diaz demonstrates, pale pink jeans and …

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