Rachel Bilson Laughs at L.A: “Everyone is Obsessed With Kale And Hiking”

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Rachel Bilson has made a good case to prove she’s sane in a new interview. Mocking those Los Angeles dwellers who drink juice, sprinkle seeds on everything and are obsessed with so called healthy dieting, Bilson says she just doesn’t subscribe to all of that crap and you won’t catch her eating a whole bunch of kale and heading out on a hike:

“I don’t do the super-clean-living LA thing. Everyone is obsessed with kale and hiking. And there’s a massive amount of juicing going on.”

Commenting on her teenage appearance, Rachel often gets told she looks much younger than her 31-year-old self, which means avoiding kale must to be the path to youth. She revealed:

“I know I look super young. I was flying back home into LAX the other day and the security guard at the airport stopped me and said, ‘Honey, where’s your family?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m 31!’ Maybe when I’m 40 I’ll appreciate it, but as I get older and get wrinkles I’m worried it’ll be, ‘She’s the weirdest-looking teenager I’ve ever seen.’”

Opening up on how she believes you can keep a relationship alive, she says communication is key but she’s not good at it:

“Communication is the most important thing in any relationship and I’m terrible at it. It’s caused a lot of problems lately. It’s really important to communicate from the beginning – set it up for the relationship to succeed.”