Project Mugetsu Clans Tier List – Best Clans Ranked (April 2023)

Project Mugetsu Clans Tier List

We’ve compiled a tier list of all the clans in Project Mugetsu to help you determine which ones are the best to get.

Project Mugetsu Clans Tier List – Best Clans Ranked (April 2023)

Due to the recent release of Project Mugetsu, there isn’t a lot of information available about each ckan. The current ranking system is based on rarity because that is an accurate reflection of quality. When you spin for a race, you have a 0.1% chance of getting a War Power, a 1% chance of getting a Mythic, a 4% chance of getting a Legendary, a 10% chance of getting a Rare, a 25% chance of getting an Uncommon, and a 60% chance of getting a Common.


  • Kuchiki (Mythic)
  • Kurosaki (War Power)
  • Kyoraku (Mythic)
  • Urahara (War Power)
  • Uryu (Mythic)
  • Yamamoto (Mythic)


  • Hisagi (Legendary)
  • Hitsugaya (Legendary)
  • Ichimaru (Legendary)
  • Shihoin (Legendary)
  • Unohana (Legendary)


  • Amagi (Rare)
  • Hirako (Rare)
  • Iba (Rare)
  • Kira (Rare)
  • Sarugaki (Rare)
  • Ushoda (Rare)
  • Valkyrie (Rare)


  • Dokugamine (Uncommon)
  • Ginjo (Uncommon)
  • Inoue (Uncommon)
  • Kotetsu (Uncommon)
  • Kutsuzawa (Uncommon)
  • Muguruma (Uncommon)
  • Sado (Uncommon)
  • Shishigawara (Uncommon)
  • Tsukishima (Uncommon)
  • Yadomaru (Uncommon)
  • Yukio (Uncommon)

If a clan isn’t on the list, it’s probably a Common clan, which provides no benefits to your character and should be discarded immediately. Hopefully, more clan data will be available inĀ Project Mugetsu.

About Project Mugetsu

Inspired by the Bleach anime, Roblox Project Mugetsu was developed by Osiris Productions and allows players to create their own characters and models from scratch. The player’s choices, including the race and build of their character, determine whether the player delves into the Soul Society as a Soul Reaper or advances as an Arrancar in Hueco Mundo. In addition, there is a ranked area where players can engage in PvP matches to demonstrate their development and skill against those of other players.