Project Mugetsu Guide – How to become a Hollow or a Menos

hollow Project Mugetsu

If you’re a fan of the Bleach series and would like to play as a Hollow or Menos, you can do so withease in Project Mugetsu. Here’s everything you need to know.

Project Mugetsu Guide – How to become a Hollow or a Menos

You must first speak with Aizen in order to become a Hollow. They’ll be identified by a flashing red soul icon. When you speak with Aizen, they will tell you that you must slay a Soul Reaper. When you accept the quest, you will see Soul Reapers highlighted in green on your screen. Kill the nearest Soul Reaper. Return to Aizen to turn in the completed quest, and you will be transformed into a Hollow!

You’ll need to do a lot of grinding to progress from a Hollow to an Arrancar. Here are the steps you must take:

  • To evolve from a Hollow to a Menos, you must gain 625 XP by eating body parts and reach level 5 or higher. The key point is that you must EAT the body parts in order to gain that experience.Your level is meaningless until you consume all of those body parts.
  • To become an Adjucha, you must be at least level 25 and have survived as a Menos for at least 1 hour on a public server or 4 hours on a private server. If you die or leave the game, your progress will be lost.
  • To evolve into Vasto Lorde from Adjucha, you must gain 1875 XP by consuming body parts and reach a level of 50 or higher.
  • To evolve to Vastocar, collect 2250 XP as a Vasto Lorde by eating body parts and completing the mask minigame. Keep in mind that failing the minigame will result in the loss of all progress made in that game.

You can eat up to four body parts per kill, and the amount of XP earned per body part varies depending on the creature type:

  • Human: 1 XP/body part (4 XP total)
  • Base Hollow: 1 XP/body part (4 XP total)
  • Base Soul Reaper: 2 XP/body part (8 XP total)
  • Vasto Lorde: 2.75 XP/body part (11 XP total)
  • Adjucha: 3 XP/body part (12 XP total)
  • Soul Reaper with Shikai: 3 XP/body part (12 XP total)
  • Arrancar: 4 XP/body part (16 XP total)

As a result, you’ll obviously want to kill and eat the highest level things you can. However, don’t just kill the most difficult enemies if it takes a long time. If you can eat a lot of lower level enemy body parts, it might be better to farm them instead of fighting more difficult enemies.

You can’t really track your progress in terms of how much XP you need to transition into a new form. The Race Progression Game Pass for Robux is the only way to do so.

That should cover everything you need to know about becoming a Hollow or a Menos in Project Mugetsu.