Potion Permit Guide – How to make potions and upgrade the cauldron

Potion Permit is all about assisting the people of Moonbury. It is your responsibility as the village’s new chemist to create remedies for common ailments. Here’s our Potion Permit guide to help you understand how to make potions, upgrade your cauldron and gain new recipes.

Potion Permit Guide – How to make potions and upgrade the cauldron

Gathering ingredients and using the cauldron

In Potion Permit, players take on the role of the new chemist in charge of assisting the citizens of Moonbury. This means that all of the weight falls on your shoulders to create remedies for everyday ailments. Fortunately, you’re given all of the tools you need early on in the game to gather the necessary ingredients and materials. Almost all of these can be used to make multiple kinds of remedies using a cauldron.Potion Permit make potions

Here’s the gist:

  • Materials can be classified as one of the four “elements.” These are the elements of earth, fire, wind, and water.
  • These items have matching Tetris-style blocks that must be placed on the board when choosing a recipe in the cauldron.
  • There are restrictions on the elements that may be used as well as the maximum number of blocks that may be placed.
  • You’ll be able to brew the chosen flask once you’ve filled up all the tiles on the board. Craft the same medicine five times and you’ll be able to select ingredients that can be used to automatically create new ones.

Upgrading the cauldron and learning new recipes

The Hearts and Sparks Shop on the outskirts of town can help you in upgrading your cauldron. Simply upgrading requires 1,000 gold, 250 wood, and 200 stone. This adds one pip or an additional block that can be used. Because most concoctions have fewer tiles, you won’t need it early on. However, more complex solutions will be required much later.

The Medical Association will eventually pay you a visit with new recipes to learn as you advance through Potion Permit. This will grant you access to your home’s research table. The mini-game that follows requires you to match the elemental symbols that appear on a small panel in the bottom-right corner of the screen. After passing the test, you will havev a new recipe. You’ll finish the quest and unlock the research mechanic for new potion recipes once you’ve filled all the tiles.

Note: Make sure you have enough materials to cure the sick villagers. The same goes for your approval badge, which gets upgraded if you pass the test.

That’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade your cauldron in Potion Permit.