Pokemon UNITE Goodra Guide – Best build, moveset, items and playstyle

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Goodra Best build

This guide covers the best possible build for Goodra in Pokemon UNITE, including moveset, items, and playstyle.

Pokemon UNITE Goodra release date

The Pokemon UNITE Goodra release date has been confirmed as Thursday, March 16, 2023, on the Pokemon UNITE Twitter page earlier this month.

Pokemon UNITE Goodra Best build – Moveset

The best build for this new Mele Defender focuses on dealing damage and healing HP so that you can push in early-game lanes and reach your power spikes as soon as possible.

Your basic attack fires goo, which slows enemies when fired from a distance and deals more damage when fired up close. You can also reduce your cooldowns by attacking the enemy again.

Dragon Pulse and Power Whip are the two best offensive Goodra moves.

Dragon Pulse is a ranged attack that sends out a shockwave that does damage. If it hits an enemy, it will also bring Goodra’s HP back up.

Power Whip is another aimed attack in which Goodra lashes out in a specific direction, dealing damage and slowing down enemy Pokemon’s movement speed. It has a pull mechanic that stuns enemies before dragging them back to Goodra for a team beating. We prefer this to Acid Spray because, while Acid Spray has a leap mechanic, the pull was far more effective when used in a group.

Pokemon UNITE Goodra Best build – Items

The current meta choice for Goodra is to boost its Defenses.

Here are the Battle Items you should pick:

Item Explanation
Full Heal Full Heal can purge negative status effects from Goodra, allowing it to continuously use its move to stay alive.
Eject Button Eject Button gives Goodra an instant repositioning tool for general purposes. It’s also a decent tool to set up Muddy Water.
X Speed X Speed improves Goodra’s overall mobility and is useful for various situations.
Potion Potion provides Goodra with an active source of healing that can be used while fighting.

Here are the Held Items you should pick:

Item Explanation
Rocky Helmet Rocky Helmet improves Goodra’s defense against physical attacks. Its passive also works well with Gooey.
Assault Vest Assault Vest improves Goodra’s resistance against Sp. Atk. damage. Its shield also protects Goodra from burst damage.
Buddy Barrier Buddy Barrier adds more bulk on top of Goodra’s innate HP. It also has great synergy with Right as Rain.
Focus Band Focus Band improves Goodra’s durability through increased defenses and gives the Pokemon a survivability tool.
Slick Spoon Slick Spoon increases Goodra’s Sp. Atk. and HP, which is perfect for an Sp. Atk. Defender. Its Sp. Def. penetration effect also synergizes well with Dragon Pulse.

This concludes our guide on the best Goodra build in Pokemon UNITE.