Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide – How to fix the corrupted save data error

Scarlet and Violet corrupted save data

Since the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet version 1.0.2 patch, many players have reported that their save data has become corrupted. Here’s how to fix this error.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide – How to fix the corrupted save data error

The fix comes from u/TragGaming, who posted step-by-step instructions on the u/PokemonScarletandViolet subreddit. They claim to have tested their solution on three different save files from two Nintendo Switch consoles.

The precise steps you needed to take are as follows:

  1. Make sure the Nintendo Switch you’re executing this fix on is your primary Switch, and that the issue you’re experiencing is the “save data is corrupted” error, rather than the “Save data not recognized, please turn off Nintendo Switch” error or that your game is simply crashing.
  2. Create a new Nintendo Switch account or sign in to one you already have.
  3. Start a new Pokemon Scarlet/Violet save file and play until you can save for the first time. Then save the game.
  4. Close the game, log back into your main Nintendo Switch account, and reload the game to access your original save file.

What causes the corrupted save data error?

Many players have speculated about the origins of the corrupted saved data error in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Update 1.2 fixed bugs and improved performance, but it appears to have corrupted some players’ save files in the process.

Some players think it’s because of the Autosave feature, while others think it’s because of the Pokemon Go connectivity that was just added to the game. Since the 1.2 patch changed how and how often some Pokemon appear in the wild, another group thinks it depends on where the game was last saved.

Nobody knows for sure, and most players who encounter these errors will not play the game until an official solution is found.

That’s all there is to fixing the corrupted save data error in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.