Pokemon Scarlet and Violet : How to get Paldean Tauros forms

How to get Paldean Tauros forms

What is the Paldean Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Paldean Tauros’s form is pure black with gray horns and is now a Fighting type instead of Normal.

The new Pokédex entry says this:

“This Pokémon has a muscular body and excels in close combat. It uses its short horns to hit the opponent’s weak spots.

Are there different Paldean Tauros forms?

Among these leaks is a new trailer that seems to somewhat mirror the classic Pokémon Red and Blue trailers, only instead of Gengar and Nidorino it is a Muk and what appears to be a new variant by Tauros.

In addition to previous leaks, this particular Tauros will not be a pure Dark-type, as it has been mentioned that only one Tauros of the Fighting-type is a pure type and the other two will be found in different areas of Paldea will be duel type :

  • New type we saw was the Water/Fight Tauros, which has larger, foamy horns and blue accents on its coat.
  • Another Tauros form is the Fire/Fighting form, which has pointed, forward-facing horns and a twisted tail, with red accents.

How to get the different Paldean Tauros forms

The Paldean Tauros does not evolve, nor can you change all three forms into a Pokémon. They are all separate, catchable Pokémon that reside in different parts of the Paldea Region.

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