Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide – How to evolve Bisharp into Kingambit

In this article, we’ll go over how to evolve Bisharp into Kingambit, as well as a quick guide to getting the Pawniard you’ll need for the job in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to evolve Bisharp into Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet and VioletPokemon Scarlet and Violet Bisharp

Bisharp evolution is straightforward. All you have to do is make yours hold the Leader’s Crest item and have it defeat three other Bisharp who are also holding a Leader’s Crest.

To make it easier to find Bisharp with Leader’s Crest, put a Pokemon with Compound Eyes or Super Luck in the first slot of your party. With this ability active, you’ll have an easier time finding wild Bisharp with the Leader’s Crest item. Catch one to get your own item, then use it to continue defeating Bisharp. Your Bisharp will evolve into Kingambit after leveling up after defeating three Bisharp with their own Leader’s Crest.

Note: Scatterbug/Vivillon, Venonat, and Butterfree are all Pokemon that have these abilities at times, so look for one if you can.

What level does Pawniard evolve ?

You must have a Pawniard level 52 in order to train it into a Bisharp. Following that, you can use the above method to evolve Bisharp into Kingambit.

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