Pokémon GO Hawaii Friend Codes

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Pokémon GO Hawaii Friend Codes

Fortunately, there is a way for those who don’t live close to Hawaii to take part in the Pokémon Go Vivillon challenge by connecting with Hawai friends via friend codes.

Pokémon GO Hawaii Friend Codes

Niantic Labs has created a unique challenge for Vivillon for its Pokémon GO debut. There are 18 different pattern variations for Vivillon scattered around the world. If players send enough postcards from the same region to their friends, they will receive a Vivillon sub medal and a Scatterbug encounter. The eventual Vivillon pattern is determined by the region in which the sub-medal was earned. The One of the patterns players have struggled to find is the Ocean pattern.

Niantic Labs recently tweeted a map that shows players a rough estimate of each Vivillon’s habitat. Players immediately noticed that the Ocean pattern Villon is present in Hawaii. However, not everyone has a Pokémon GO pal who is from or lives near the Hawaiian islands.

Fortunately, players do not need to fly to Honolulu to make a new Pokémon GO friend. Players can now offer their friend codes online thanks to the internet and the friendly nature of the Pokémon GO community. Social media and fan-created sites, such as Leek Duck’s, have created simple tools for players to share and find specific friend codes to help with the Villon challenge.

What’s nice about Leek Duck’s Pen Pal site is that players can sort friend codes based on which Villon pattern they require. So, whether the Ocean pattern is in Ohio or Hawaii, you should be able to begin sending postcards soon.

Of course, no one will stop you if you prefer to go the traditional way and make new friends via Pokémon GO to naturally acquire all 18 Villon, but it will take a lot longer.