Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Leak Reveals New Details: Shiny Pokemon, Research, and More!

A new Pokemon GO leak has arrived, packed with exciting details about the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest 2024. Get ready for new shiny Pokemon, unique research tasks, and a chance encounter with mysterious Ultra Beasts!

Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Leak Reveals Exciting Details

Just like last year, Pokemon GO Fest 2024 will be a two-part affair. Live events in Sendai, Madrid, and New York City will kick things off, with players facing off against the legendary Necrozma in raids. Then, the party goes global! Trainers worldwide can expect exciting bonuses like habitat-specific Pokemon spawns, special raids featuring Espeon and Umbreon sporting stylish accessories, and the arrival of the mysterious Ultra Beasts.

Special Research and Challenges

The leak, reported by Pokemon GO Hub, dives deeper into the in-person events, revealing details about the Special Research tasks. Trainers attending the park experience will have six parts of research to complete, while those in the city will have five. These tasks will likely involve classic activities like catching Pokemon, taking snapshots, and interacting with PokeStops and Gyms.

Pokemon GO Fest 2024
Image via Niantic

Branching Out with Research

The leak also hints at a unique feature: four special branches trainers can choose from during the event. Each branch spotlights a particular Pokemon: Eevee, Shiny Crabrawler, Shiny Ducklett, or Shiny Emolga. Selecting a branch will prioritize your chosen Pokemon on the nearby creatures list, making it easier to track them down.

The excitement doesn’t stop there! By participating in Party Challenges and completing Routes, trainers can encounter three additional Pokemon in their non-shiny forms. But the real highlight is the potential for brand new shinies! This leak specifically mentions Shiny Emolga, Crabrawler, and Ducklett making their first appearances in Pokemon GO.

With the Sendai event kicking off in late May, Pokemon GO Fest 2024 is just around the corner. Expect more details and reveals in the coming weeks, keeping the excitement brewing for this global Pokemon GO celebration!