Photos of Love Island Ellie Spence in a skimpy red bikini and a daring miniskirt have gone viral

Scandal on Love Island The addition of Ellie Spence to the most recent season of the popular ITV show caused a ruckus in the villa.

Ellie Spence, new contestant of Love Island, has been the show’s hottest new addition

The 25-year-old business development executive from Norwich swooped in like a tiger, stealing Ron Hall from Lana Jenkins, and then getting into a steamy love square with another bombshell, Tom Clare.

Ellie has been enjoying herself in the villa, where she has been sharing some steamy sex confessions with the other contestants and showing off her incredible fashion sense at the villa parties.

While the drama continues and new bombshells try to sweep Ellie off her feet, we’ve uncovered some of her sexiest photos from before she became famous on Love Island.

  • Cut-out top “bold”
(Image: elliespennie / Instagram)

Ellie poses in a black long-sleeve top with cut outs down the middle of her chest in an old photo posted by her friends and family on a fan page dedicated to the Love Island star.

Ellie’s ample cleavage was on full display in the provocative upload; she appeared to have removed a black leather blazer and tossed it to the side for the photo.

Fans of the Love Island contestants had to resort to creating support pages after Instagram accounts were banned for the first time this season.

  • Mesh corset “charming”
(Image: elliespennie / Instagram)

Ellie’s stunning mesh corset stole the show in a previously uploaded photo, which she had edited to remove her face.

The light-blue corset almost exposed too much skin, but the top’s design saved her modesty.

Her page on Facebook informed her adoring public that she had purchased the retro top on eBay for less than $40.

  • Red “sexy” bikini 
(Image: elliespennie / Instagram)

Ellie, in her final Instagram post before entering the villa, posed on a balcony in a red bikini that showed off her trim figure and prominent belly piercing.

The stunning beauty leaned lazily over the edge of the balcony, eyes cast far into the distance as she let her villa-appropriate golden locks flow freely.

“You’re so pretty, sweetie,” said one fan.

  • Elegant blazer
(Image: elliespennie / Instagram)

Ellie’s impeccable style is on full display in an old Instagram post, in which she can be seen wearing a white double-breasted blazer and black thigh-high boots while sitting in a restaurant with breathtaking views.

She captioned the picture while holding her drink, and she was absolutely stunning: “Idk why I’m smiling like I’m not about to make some really poor decisions.”

Fans praised her “angel face” in the comments, but it’s not clear if she’s referring to her time on Love Island.

“Angel face and beautiful settings,” said Ryan Cleary, who used to be on Survival of the Fittest.

“Oh my god, so beautiful!” said someone else.