Pete Davidson refers to himself as ‘Aladdin’ in a love note to Kim Kardashian and assembles his own ‘grooming team’ before joining her at the reality show’s premiere

The 28-year-old comedian’s relationship with the 41-year-old Kim Kardashian has been a frequent subject of discussion since the Hulu series show premiered in April, when Kim landed her hosting gig on SNL… where she first met Pete in October 2021.

In a love letter to Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson refers to himself as “Aladdin”

In a love letter to Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson refers to himself as "Aladdin"
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This week’s episode of The Kardashians, You Have No Idea How Iconic This Is!, followed the family as they did press for the first season… including a sweet note from Pete to Kim in which he kept referring to himself as “Aladdin,” after the SNL sketch where they first met.

While Pete Davidson has yet to appear on The Kardashians, his influence can be felt on the Hulu series. He was first discussed while the Kardashians were about to appear on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the show.

While applying last-minute body makeup, Kim told a camera operator, “You might want to get a video of my cute flowers.”

They show a beautiful bouquet of pink roses before zooming in on Kim’s boyfriend Pete Davidson’s note.

“Congrats on your new show and season! I’m so incredibly happy for you and proud of you!! Love Aladdin,” he says, referring to the SNL sketch in which Pete and Kim first kissed.

Pete and Kim’s relationship was briefly discussed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, with Kimmel showing footage of their now-famous first kiss during the Aladdin sketch.

He also shows a photo from Kim and Pete’s Saturday Night Live Aladdin sketch, asking if it was the first time they kissed.

“Yes that is,’ Kim said as the audience applauds, while Kim adds, ‘Actually, for Valentine’s Day, he got me the rug and the whole outfits from SNL and the little genie lamp.”

Later in the episode, Kim is getting ready for The Kardashians’ premiere screening when a producer named Danielle asks who her plus-one is.

“Look at Danielle, grilling me as always,” Kim jokes. “Pete is actually my plus-one, and I’m excited,” Danielle says as she asks if this will be their first red carpet together, but she says they won’t be walking the red carpet together, though she will walk with her family.

“This is like my thing, so he’s just gonna support,” Kim tells Danielle, adding in confession, “When the cameras are up for him, it’s for a skit or a role. It’s not what he does.”

“I’m obviously gonna talk about what’s going on in my life and he’s a part of that, but I also respect that this is like my job and this isn’t his job,” Kim adds.

“So you might get a glimpse here and there but it’s just… it is what it is,” Kim says in confession.

While Kim is still ready, a woman named Sydney enters and makes a claim to be “grooming Pete.”

“Who knew he was such a diva, a grooming team, a styling team, a tailor,” Kim jokes, while sending Pete a message that reads, “Your stylist team is all ready for you for a fitting.”

Kim’s stylist says he expected Pete to “rock up,” to which Kim responds, “I know. “thought he’d go in a hoodie.”