Penelope Cruz Speaks on Her Makeup Memories & Love for Beauty

Posted by PZ on July 15th, 2020


Penelope Cruz has spoken on some of her earliest makeup memories. The Spanish actress has revealed that from a young age, she would go through all of her grandmother’s makeup at her house and would enjoy playing with the makeup and trying it on. She vividly remembers how the products even smelt to her at the time:

“From three years old, when I was at my grandmother’s house, I would look through her bathroom cupboards and put everything I found there on at once. I loved her make-up and I used to apply it almost every day. I remember the smell of some of her lipsticks from when I was a child, too. They smelt like baby powder; I still love that aroma today.”

Penelope grew up around a beauty salon and understands the importance of pampering yourself once in a while, although she admits she doesn’t often get to unwind as often as she would like. She does think it can be so beneficial to just have some time to yourself by enjoying a beauty treatment and relaxing:

“I don’t put a lot of time into pampering myself, but I know the influence beauty has on me. I grew up in a salon, so I saw what it meant for women to go there and have two hours for themselves, and to take care of their skin and hair. It was much more than the superficial aspect. It was about getting some time for themselves, even if it was just ten minutes. That’s what I think is important.”


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