Penelope Cruz Says She Has Finally Mastered Eye Makeup


She may now be 40, but late is better than never, and actress Penelope Cruz has said that she has finally mastered how to do perfect eye makeup without the help of a professional. She explained that she thinks eye makeup can be very difficult to get right so she is proud of finally being able to do it on her own:

“I finally learnt how to do my own eyes. It isn’t easy – eye make-up really can seem the most complicated to achieve.”

Penelope adds that she loves to make the eyes a focus point of her beauty look because she thinks they have their own story to tell and can show great emotion. She explained:

“The eyes never lie. They truly are the door to someone’s soul. In some people, like in children, you can read who they are, how they feel, just by looking at their eyes. It is now easy for me to hide my emotions but I don’t try to fight that. The older I am, the less interested I am in pretending to be something I’m not and the more comfortable I get with showing exactly who I am.”

The actress thinks makeup and hair are an important part of her job but they can also change how she feels about herself and is amazed at what a difference good makeup and hair can make:

“Everyone wants to play that character once in a while. We all do. Make-up is what it is but it can have an effect on how you feel, the same as a new haircut or dress can.”